About Tibiao Caterers

Sonny and Nieva Lim were married in 1993. Nieva has been in the nursing profession since 1981, her involvement in the industry continued when she immigrated to New Zealand in 1988. Five years later Sonny arrived in NZ and the couple started the visioning process. As any new migrant , there is a lot of background work and training to be undertaken, but this does not hinder a couple that is focused in their dream Sonny comes from an entrepreneurial background. He was born to a family of bakers in the Philippines. Tibiao Bakery Inc (since 1953), Sonny’s family business is a family venture that brought the taste of fine bread as well as the name of the town of Tibiao to many homes. It has nationwide clientele in the Philippines. It is a landmark in Iloilo, and is well known for its specialty for Filipino breads such as Pandesal (Filipino white bread), Ensaymada (cheese buns), Pan de Coco (coconut buns), among others.

The best education the Lim siblings got came from home, Sonny said. His father, a mayor in Tibiao, Antique for 9 years (3 terms) and his mother who is a teacher, taught them to live a simple life and to share their blessings with others. Through his parents’ example, they grew up with the idea that simplicity, kindness and love for others are very important. The message that they taught their only son Anthony Christian, 15 years old who now attends St Bernard’s College.

Although they certainly now look like visionaries, the founders freely admit to humble beginnings - The husband and wife team started a small catering business 12 years ago with a strong belief that there was indeed a market for Filipino cuisine

Taking the path less travelled was what propelled Sonny and Nieva into the where they are today. “It was something that was really different," says Sonny, explaining why they decided to start a catering business specializing in Filipino cuisine. These partners quickly learned that there was a huge untapped market out there. The business quickly became popular with the Filipino community, many of whom miss the comforts of having home cooked Pinoy meals. This market niche presented Sonny and Nieva with an interesting business opportunity: There were plenty of Filipinos who regularly purchase food items from them, but will this market be enough to sustain a business?

In response to this question, they opened their own version of Tibiao Bakery in New Zealand. Capital Bakery (Petone) is a recent addition to their entrepreneurial undertaking. Located in 237 Jackson Street, Petone. This opened year 2002

From a small home based business - cooking Filipino cuisine with Kiwi twist and baking their specialty bread to cater to various events, Nieva and Sonny Lim has come a long way with both Filipino and New Zealand clienteles. Their client list includes NZEI, Skill N.Z., Te Omanga Hospice, IHC/IDEA, Labour Party (Head Office), Carters and of course, the Filipino Community.

Tibiao Caterers meantime continues to provide that special touch for special occasions. Since 1997, from their licensed commercial kitchen in Maungaraki, they have built their reputation by exceeding customers’ expectations. They are also proud of their efficient and detail-oriented staff, always working within their customer’s budget and specialize in delicious culinary creations. Whatever the customer decides, Tibiao Caterers/Capital Bakery will provide a service second to none as they always cater to good service and excellence. For any event worth celebrating – Tibiao Caterers/Capital Bakery will always be there.